Create the visions

To see what is hidden in my mind


I (will) hide from courtesy

Come again another time

It is not enough

Wake me up with a bottle in my head

I sleep most of the time to harmonise to let it over

This time I am awake to the full

I am sober enough to wait till it is over


Safety is not a word I belong

I never felt safe anywhere


What U call luck

I would say persistence

When I say finished

I found myself back on the start line again.


If U don’t understand it now

Don’t complicate the recovery


I just have to

Lock the vision to the highest

I just want to

See the peak


Unaligned vision play gambling

Now I live for myself

Knowing UR gifts to the deepest


Promises broken with a hammer of stone

Play with my nightmares

Take pleasure from distortion

I just leave them alone in my mind

I keep my promise to thee

I keep the promise in my Universal Mind

I keep the promise for the Universal State of Mind