Speeches | Ayse Oren
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 Ministry Of Culture Saving Cultural Heritage and IT in Digital age

 TOBB University- Place of Award and Technology in Design

 Istanbul UniversityTechnology Culture and Design in Relation

 France Palace/ Council- Innovation Talks, Design and Technology

 New Worlds Institude 2015- Austin, Teksas- Designing Space in Space

 Istanbul Ticaret University –Womans at Work- 8 March World Womans day

 Innovation Week, Izmir- Mega polis and Environment

 The Committee from Tajikistan – Women And Entrepreneurship

 COSPAR (Committee On Space Research) – TÜBİTAK UZAY- 41st Scientific Assembly – 3 Presentation (Cancel due to coup attempt)


  • Spacecraft Architecture in Long Duration Space travels
  • Spacecraft Architecture and Environmental Psychology
  • Out of This World and More

New Worlds Institute 2016- Austin, Teksas- Home Sweet Home- New Technologies Over Design

 Soho House, İstanbul, Spaceship Design and evaluation of Architecture

 Medipol University, İstanbul, Future Science –Artificial Intelligence and Architecture

 Eskisehir Anatole University, Eskisehir, The Evolution of Architecture

 Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Faculty of Aeronautics And Astronautics, Space Architecture and Triz Workshop

 ISDC 2017 – International Space Development Conference- Missouri, St Louis- Speaking for Kepler Space Institute – Future Space Architecture