TOO FUNKY | Ayse Oren
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About This Project

Too Funky by Ayse Oren

Ayse Oren’s “Seduction” The first member of the series of interactive sculpture called Too Funky, nature inspired by hunting and the moon goddess Artemis. Against a large number of our Artemis listed on the front of the body and the description of the chest, highlighting the concept of fertility and abundance. Are highlighted in addition to the ovaries to the chest in the ruins of the goddess and the section that contains the reproductive organs of the female body is designed to evoke the face of an owl. Owl, with many mythological sources in months; The moon, femininity and fertility are identified. Thus, the structure of the ruins, all these symbols simultaneously refers.

On the other hand wraps Funky’y Too vague light shines strongly at a time when it approached and began to spread, especially around the chest. Like texture reminiscent of the structure of the surface of the moon reflects the hidden light hitting him just months from another source. Insert the seductive femininity when he is approached by all. “Reflex” has become the sexual identity and the nature of this action, it is difficult at the same time holds. As chosen by performing a warm color, but ice Oren’s work metal, we futurist a historical and mythological figures and has brought a new perspective.