Too Funky by Ayse Oren

Too Funky, is  the first member of  interactive sculpture series of Ayse Oren. It is named as ‘Seductive’  and inspired by Ancient Greek Goddess Diana (known As Artemis). It is referring to the song of Michael JacksonDirty Diana‘,  released for Bad Album in 1987. The Goddess of Nature, Hunt and Moon has numerous Breasts on the body’s front side is a rare description of Diana (Artemis). It is only found in the Temple of Diana in Ephesus and underlines  and highlights the concepts of fertility and abundance.

In addition to her breasts, Ayse Oren’s goddess has emphasized ovaries and the part of the body containing female reproductive organs. It is arranged in a way reminiscent of an owl’s face. In many mythological sources the owl is identified with the moon, which is identified with femininity and fertility. Thus Oren’s work refers to all these symbols at once. The work’s frame is confined to the woman’s most eye catching and seductive part.

When approached, the dim light that surrounds Too Funky suddenly shines bright, and begins to propel especially around the breasts. Just like the moon, the work’s texture reminiscent of the moon’s surface reflects the secret light that hits it from another source. The woman assuming all her femininity and struggling to attract attention, does everything in her power to awaken the man’s sexual reflex; she is convinced this is what she is supposed to do. This action actually becoming a “reflex” and that she appropriates as a function arising from her sexual identity, also happens to be her greatest power. Ören’s material choice, the warmly colored metal, reveals a futuristic approach towards the image of an ancient goddess and implies the mechanical nature of sexual intercourse.

The sculpture first appear in Gallery MCDR and then exhibited in Contemporary Istanbul and took place in many interviews of Ayse Oren.