Rockets is a Wall Lightining and first designed for HomeArt Magazine with initial
name ‘Corset’, Transform into Rockets after
crossing roads with Space Architecture.

Perforated stainless steel with led lighting creates
mood lighting & create an atmosphere with the help oflight and shadow effects.
As we are approaching to the age of robots,
it is a humanist way to look at the issue.
The unvarnished and pure beauty of industrial production
inspire artists, Is there art in mass production?
If I stray it from its production purpose?
Will it loose its meaning or able to transform itself and gain another meaning?
The factory buildings, the ocean liners, the airplanes,
the progress in space industry, and developing of electronics
influence the art of Twentieth century.  Especially, the 60’s has extraordinary
inmpact.  Many of the artist question the meaning of this
mass productions as art? Are they art?
The question starts with Marcel Duchamp, Fountain till now.
This is a look over the same question
Is ıt?