The abstract figure of Bat and Owl and Pomegranate  is used in the Jewelry design. These figures has representational function in the context of subconscious realm. The common mind knows the meaning of what these figures represent.  of course the meaning is changeable in every other person. The common notion take into consideration. Symbols of nature, has deep impact in out subconsciousness coming from out ancestors. They have the power about triggering our feelings.

When we think of an object, there is endless reflection of every design, it is like a fingerprint or every leaf of a tree, they are both different and same.

Think about the differences and the notion of representing , there is a archetype which triggers all the design, the basic form underlying bat, apple, world, sun, solar system or the universe, the archetype from micro to macro from single to plural.  The fractal universe we live in.

Jewelry Design by Ayse Oren | Divas Diamond / Zen Diamond