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New Worlds 2016 – Texas Conference


new worlds is a space conference discovering and gathering people from the space industry.

In one of the suburbs of Milky Way galaxy, we are turn around a medium-sized sun. Our galaxy is a small city in the entire universe. There are billions of galaxies and ours is the only one in the ocean.
Are we the only smart entity?
The answer to these questions may be discovered in our time.
The current period and the paths and resources  will force us to go elsewhere in the world and we will become an interstellar race that lives on many planets.
In fact, even the meteorites, we see as a great danger enrich our world. It is very important that we go to other worlds, we are in danger of crashing into a meteor at any moment – if you think it will not happen, ask a Dinosaur.
As our technology and possibilities are developed, we will continue to search for the possibility of living in space construction and becoming an interstellar race.
The presence of water on moon surface changed the game, and it made the space cheaper all at once.  We will begin to see the Moon as a new continent in the world.
Thanks to the international space station(ISS), we have gained a great deal of knowledge with our experience with space and the length of stay in space.
Every step taken becoming a  reference for the next, we need to take part in this era as the whole world to continue undaunted.
Although NASA and ESA have come to the forefront at the moment – China and India and Brazil are moving behind.
2016 Conference; Exploring curiosity and wish of staying on moon

the preparations for pioneer people who can afford to live and stay there.

David Jedynak, CTO of Curtiss-Wright (Wright Brother’s).
In the short term, many companies that will take tourists from the world to micro-gravity took action.

Space shuttles – these tourists – will take you to special space stations. Within 10 years – there are companies like Deep Space Industries , BigelowSpace X , Virgin Galactic , Blue OriginSierra Nevada Corporation  like companies will have the opportunity to lead the space that can really accelerate the private sector.


Who will go to space from the world who will settle where and how? How can we protect ourselves from the mistakes we make in the world? How do we make the riches in space available for the continuation of the Earth?
There should be policies and laws on an international-regional and national basis.
The Moon Agreement (1979) states that the moon is the natural heritage of humanity and belongs to all humanity and cannot be claimed by anyone.
What if someone says I’m going to be president?


If we were to produce one of our mobile phones, it would be too expensive for us to buy today – the same goes for space – making space accessible and accessible Space is creating an economy. Initiatives such as tourism mining will create an economy in space and increase space availability and economic feasibility.
With the help of re-used rockets, we crossed the biggest obstacle in front of us into space and moved on to the next phase.
Reusable cargo vehicles – space shuttles will continue to evolve in the next phase

Cargo – in fact, space-working firms can now be in a position like Fedex