DesignArt is the first designer company to be established with the Techno Initiative capital support provided by the Ministry of Industry. As one of the founding companies of the Bo─čazici University Technopark, it is the first design company accepted to the Technopark.


Founding Objective is to be a link between design, art and science, ensure design to be accepted as part of the research and development activities, create new products to meet new requirements through establishing a multi-disciplined system combining technology and design, develop new and universal understanding, perception and language of art.


It is about need to find new expressions, how to find new forms. And of course very often artists are appropriating technologies, images, symbols from medical technology, military technology and very often they give new meaning.

When we talk about this issue of science and art, science is always explaining why and how things are working. Art is playing with what it means. Sometimes this border is too thin and things are of course not proven to be wright but the important thing is to be bold enough to risk also the failure. Because otherwise you always replicate those thing that have already been successful.

There was a very period of art that was very strongly characterize by finding new technical possibilities you had an interesting technology and science as well then this was very exciting. Artists have to enable to experiment and to play around these new technologies because their point of you they are investigating the possibilities and the meaning of this technologies.