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Author: AdminSeo

Smart Cities

What Is the project? Project is a city furniture entailing the concept of Internet of things; electronic informatics and design and is based on smart city systems. It is developed to enhance the smartness of all the products around us as smart systems are now standing out...

Space Architecture As Utopia

DRAWING UTOPIA Today I am going to talk about drawing an utopia, because I see space architecture as- Utopia. And the world is coming from ancient Greek- Used in Arcadia- To symbolize pastoral heaven. In history, Plato write about utopia in his book Atlantis, Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis...

R-EVOLution of Architecture

ARCHTECTURAL IMAGINATION Imagination is the most individual and intense activity of design. Connects the space– between the perception and understanding. It is different from other mental processes cause imagination does not need any reference. It creates its image. When we are talking about architectural imagination, we pay a lot...