Ayse Oren | Ayse Oren
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Ayse Oren

I would defIne ArchItecture;
as ‘Sunflower’
that achIeved Its progress
by turnIn and alIgnIng the self
to the lIght source.



fırst, alIgnIng wIth the stars
and constellatıons,
ıt  then turned to the dın of cıtıes.
archıtecture ıs now respondıng
to the lıght of ındıvıduals,
whıch wıll free  ıt from a physıcal presence over tıme.



Art is a type of research done for different needs and also done with different goal. It is revealing the cover looking behind the curtain really trying to understand the very basic and core questions of our life and our existence. The same ways as the physicists are building their big tunnels to have the atoms flying around because they want to go to the next step of truth. Every artistic work has to do with this search for the rules digging and understanding what is behind our existence.


Ayşe Oren is questioning the meanings and facilities of these Technologies with her point of view. Many artists have been doing very interesting kind of project by using technology and the converting it and using it for totally different purpose and this kind of repurposing of technologies and infrastructure this is a very important strategy because it helps us to understand what is behind the structure. It is breaking up the surface and looking inside.

Honored as
future leader by the
Republic of France