About Ayse Oren


Born in Ankara, Ayse Oren is an architect, designer and sculptor. She develops projects focusing on electronics and design, positioning human and human life in the center.


As an artist who was granted the Techno-Initiative capital in 2010, she is the first designer to be accepted into Boğaziçi University TechnoPark Her works build a connection between art and technology, putting it across within the scope of research and development. In a nutshell, she aims to build an interdisciplinary system, create new products combining technology and design, while progressing towards meeting requirements.


Believing that we can shape our future through the imaginary embodiment of existing objects, the artist universalizes such concepts as multi-disciplinary approaches, technology and design by interpreting them based on our own cultural experience and future needs.


Ayse Oren seeks a new kind of perception, approach, meaning and language across art, while questioning the meaning of technology and facilities with a universal perspective.


The Artist handles humans together with the civic texture, environmental conditions and their relations with nature. She collaborates with a team featuring a variety of disciplines and diverse backgrounds, reinterpreting the relationship between human and object.


Deals with environmental awareness, energy efficiency, smart cities, Space Architecture and the Internet of Objects (IoT). She continues producing her works in the line of r-evolution.


Ayse Oren is building somatosensory bridges between cities and people to get human more connected and united. While Philosophers and psychologists are concerned with the loss of humane values caused by the alienating and robotizing the people, Ayse Oren is working on to integrate technology into people’s lives by creating a Love Mark out of it. Her aim is to unify human with living spaces and cities, while eliminating the negative impact of technology.

Ayse Oren Future Leader France
  •  Ministry Of Culture – Saving Cultural Heritage and IT in Digital age
  •  TOBB University- Place of Award and Technology in Design
  •  Istanbul University – Technology Culture and Design in Relation
  •  France Palace/ Council- Innovation Talks, Design and Technology
  •  New Worlds Institude 2015- Austin, Teksas- Designing Space in Space
  •  Istanbul Ticaret University –Woman’s at Work- 8 March World Woman’s day
  •  Innovation Week, Izmir- Mega polis and Environment
  •  The Committee from Tajikistan – Women And Entrepreneurship
  •  COSPAR (Committee On Space Research) – TÜBİTAK UZAY- 41st Scientific Assembly – 3 Presentation (Cancel due to coup attempt) 
      1. Spacecraft Architecture in Long Duration Space travels
      2. Spacecraft Architecture and Environmental Psychology
      3. Out of This World and More
  • New Worlds Institute 2016- Austin, Teksas- Home Sweet Home- New Technologies Over Design
  •  Soho House, İstanbul, Spaceship Design and evaluation of Architecture
  •  Medipol University, İstanbul, Future Science –Artificial Intelligence and Architecture
  •  Eskisehir Anatole University, Eskisehir, The Evolution of Architecture
  •  Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Faculty of Aeronautics And Astronautics, Space Architecture and Triz Workshop
  •  ISDC 2017 – International Space Development Conference- Missouri, St Louis- Speaking for Kepler Space Institute – Future Space Architecture
  • GlobalSatShow – Discovery of Space(November,2017)
  • İş’te Kadın Zirvesi – Technology and Woman – ATO- Congress Centre (Ankara Dec. 2017)
  • Women Leader Network (being an Inspiration)- Çırağan Palace (December 2017)
  • İstanbul Technical University – Faculty of Architecture – ARTITÜ- DATE- Life in Architecture- Space Architecture – İTÜ Maçka Camus January 2018
  • Swiss Consulate– March 2018 –Effective Women’s of Turkey
  • TÖSYÖV- 14. SME Summit – The Human of Super Intelligence Society- April 2018
  • ICSG İstanbul 2018 –International Istanbul Smart Grid and Cities Congress and Fair- Woman Leaders in Smart Grid Systems– April 2018
  • International Space Development Conference 2018– Aesthetics in Space Development and Architecture –Los Angeles- May 2018
  • TEDx Izmit- Design Is a Crime- 22. September. 2018
  • New Worlds Institute – Panel- Diversity on The High Frontier (Chair:  Meagan Crawford – Space Fund)
  • New Worlds Institute – S.T.A.R Talk- Drawing an Utopia
  • Darıca Bahçeşehir Koleji – Uzay Mimarisi
  • 3rd Remarkable Women Summit – Üsküdar Municipality- 6 March 2019
  • Private Istanbul College– Design Conference
  • International Space Development Konference (ISDC 2019) Washington, Options For Moon Settlement, Space Architecture

2009 Istanbul Design Week, Kiss Chair, Istanbul, Turkey

2010 Istanbul Design Week, Ferris wheel, Istanbul, Turkey

2010 JCI, World Congress World Trade Fair, Paradox Coffee Table, Osaka, Japan

2010 Design Turkey, Paradox Coffee Table, Istanbul, Turkey


2010 %100 Design Fair London

2012 State of Materiel Exhibition, Sculpture ‘Cern’ and Paradox Feat. Sculptor Emre Özçaylan, Istanbul, Turkey

2013 Ministry of Science Trade and Technology 1st Technology Development Zone Summit Feat. Boğaziçi University with Change Modular Bookshelf, Istanbul, Turkey

2013 Ministry of Economy and AKİB (Mediterranean Exporter Unions) Furniture R&D Project Exhibition, With Change Modular Bookshelf Mersin, Türkiye

2013 Innovation Week – Furniture Exporters R & D Exhibition, With Change Modular Bookshelf İ, Istanbul, Turkey
2013 Istanbul Design Week, Design Sprit – Change Modular Bookshelf, Istanbul, Turkey

2013 Ministry of Science Trade and technology – Tekno- Enterprise Summit, Change Modular Bookshelf, Istanbul, Turkey

2014 Dream Design Factory and Studio Jacob de Baan Fresh Design projects developed cooperation with the Turkish designers, Rockets

2014 Contemporary International – Gallery MCDR – Sculpture Name- Too Funky, Istanbul, Turkey

2015 DDF ve Kalkınma Ajansı – 40 Turkish Designer, Design Sprit- Questionnaires, ROCKETS

2015 M 1886 Gallery- State of matter, Paradox Table , Ankara, Turkey

2015 AddresIstanbul, [Re] Happyning Exhibition, Wiz and Rockets, Istanbul Turkey

2016 IKSV Istanbul Design Biennale- Human Like Designs

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