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Ayşe Oren is questioning the meanings and facilities of these Technologies with her point of view. Many artists have been doing very interesting kind of project by using technology and the converting it and using it for totally different purpose and this kind of repurposing of technologies and infrastructure this is a very important strategy because it helps us to understand what is behind the structure. It is breaking up the surface and looking inside.
Architecture is the most powerful and popular form of art… Like Sculpture and like painting they are fluids; there are no clear borders. No other branch of art can wind up and touch the humankind as effectively as the architecture does. Thus, architects can dare to touch the lives of people and societies both physically and emotionally. Architecture is to create an order and offer a lifestyle, a culture in a variable, instable, constantly moving natural order.
To make the world a better place, and all kinds of green material, and technological development should be considered. Design is not only for design but the people and the nature and should be cared with the texture of the city.
The next chapter of Architecture is recycling, energy-efficiency, sustainability and zero-energy houses.
Even if we find the high-tech, humankind is incapable of natural events so we have to respect continuity and diversity of the nature respect her rules.
Architecture is to think of the possibilities. Architecture pursues the benefit of the society. Society needs to be provided with opportunities to live freely.
Technologic development enables the forms that we cannot do in the past and give freedom to design. It gives the opportunity to develop a product that is both beautiful and functional. Therefore, it will give the beauty of the time and may reach the level of universal beauty.
Creative industries cover any activity with added value, including product, market, mechanics, electronics and rapid prototyping. Creative industries make companies visible and everyone wants to involve in the process. Design is part of the development of a corporate strategy with a significant and effective role.
Art is a type of research done for different needs and also done with different goal. It is revealing the cover looking behind the curtain really trying to understand the very basic and core questions of our life and our existence. The same ways as the physicists are building their big tunnels to have the atoms flying around because they want to go to the next step of truth. Every artistic work has to do with this search for the rules digging and understanding what is behind our existence. . What is important is, to influence and transform success in to better things.
Build a team from different disciplines to work together and exchanging of ideas is very interesting, and many people are still taking courses for the effectiveness of a new method of learning. They are different ways of bringing ideas together to produce something.
We should maintain our differences and universalize our cultures, so that we can improve all together. We should take advantage of our culture to add value to design. Ayşe Oren DesignArt is established to reach the better and the newer by combining what we have with what the society needs. In this century, it is important to combine our point of view and what we have in hand with our imagination to come up with designs to meet the needs of the future.
Change your perceptions and think beyond your knowledge. Create New Gates, higher than the exiting and keep moving on a higher ground until you are the Kingdom…